Craven Arms, Appletreewick,

Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales,

BD23 6DA

01756 720270

Craven Arms


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The Craven Cruck Barn

The Cruck Barn

The Cruck Barn at the back of the pub is open for dinners, parties, & functions of all kinds, including music concerts, weddings or just a look.

  The 7 metre high roof comprises of oak trusswork, sheeps wool insulation & a heather thatch, all sourced locally. The walls are from stone found on site pointed with lime mortar & plastered using a traditional lime, river sand & horse hair mix. Finished with a lime wash as used in barns & stables years ago.

Sketch of the now gone Barden Scale Cruck Barn

  Originally their purpose was a farm building used to house livestock & hold animal feed. The cattle would shelter in the “Mo” or ground floor & their feed would be stored up on the “baulks” or balcony.

Special Occasions Lunch & Dinner

  Tables can be arranged to suit large or small numbers and the huge real open fire & working gas lights add to the atmosphere.